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December 9, 2013


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Vangelico, the incredible rich zebra opened a strange book brought by the green dragoness. He slowly studied it, trying to figure what he was holding at the moment and its value. He wasn’t stupid, something really deep was hidden in this book and he knew it. Any other stranger that brought him this book would likely end robbed, as Vangleico always tried to get the maximum benefit for himself. But he hold a great respect towards Sybil, he couldn’t do that in any way. After some silent moment, the sound of the wind blowing, the busy city outside and the gulps of Sybil as she finished drinking the tea she had on her fingerless gloves, were the only sounds to be heard inside the room. Vangelico smiled slightly and grinned as he touched slowly the portrait of the book. He sighed deeply and looked with some concentrated eyes Sybil hardly remembered to be in the expression of the zebra.
“Where did you found this?” The zebra asked calmly, his eyes not moving or blinking, just waiting for an answer. Sybil let the tea on the silver table calmly and looked deeply on the green liquid inside the glass.
“I was only doing my stuff… when I found this out of nowhere. Already told you.” The dragoness said honestly, but Vangelico twisted his eyes and blinked for a moment, seeing trough the intentions of Sybil and knowing she was lying. He smiled slightly and Sybil knew she failed to lie to a professional liar.
“Why I don’t buy that?” The zebra said sarcastically, his eyes separated from the green dragoness and went to see the carnivore plants he had exposed in his giant garden. Sybil was going to say something in return but Vangelico stopped her. His paw raised for a moment and he turned his eyes towards Sybil.
“…But don’t worry. It’s your life, I won’t ask more questions. I’m just trying to help you, Sybil.” The emerald dragoness watched her friend carefully, not understanding the last sentence.
“Helping me? What do you mean?” Sybil asked dumbstruck, something in the look of the zebra told her she got something really interesting but dangerous in her hands. The zebra turned his eyes to the cup of tea he had next to him and grabbed it. With a gentle movement, some of the liquid fell off and tainted the silver table, characteristic green color appeared and slowly spread.
“The book you have… it’s not a normal book. Neither a rare one, it’s even more than that.” The zebra said, Sybil didn’t say anything but kept listening to her friend closely, her expression more confused than before. The zebra continued, he drop a little more of tea on the table.
“What you have just found… well let’s say its value could be equal to half this mansion.” The zebra said calmly as he drunk a bit of the tea and closed peacefully his eyes, he smiled slightly at hearing the shocked voice of Sybil.
“Wait, wait!! Hold on just a minute… you’re telling me this bunch of papers are… damn!” She couldn’t say anything more, it was all she could say. She couldn’t believe it, but there was something more hidden in the book than just a value. And she knew perfectly Vangelico knew it. The zebra grabbed a little spoon and with his right paw took some sugar and let it sunk in the green liquid of the tea.
“As you heard, half this mansion. Now, as you have noticed that’s not all I want to say about this book.” Sybil changed her expression to one serious this time, knowing Vangelico was going to say something interesting. The zebra moved the spoon, creating a swirl inside the glass. He loved this kind of drinks, especially with some cookies or its equivalents. He looked deeply to a chocolate bar and started eating it with pleasure. His voice a bit disoriented thanks to the food inside his mouth.
“Let’s see, first of all I have analyzed a bit the information of the book and I can safely say…” He drank some of his tea and swallow the rest of food he had in his mouth. “…that the information found in this book will certainly give a burst of unimaginable power to any faction that gains it.” Vangelico said as he ate some of his chocolate bar and continued drinking. Sybil remain tranquil but was starting to get a bit nervous, she found something her hands couldn’t carry for very long…
“Of course not any of the factions knows the existence of this book, so you’re kind of safe for now. The only group I may presume could know something are the Night Crows. You know, the friendly people you meet back in the tower once you meet my two contacts and the thing kinda went a bit explosive.” The zebra mentioned, Sybil slightly chuckling remembering at how lucky she was that day to have survived the ambush.
The voice of the zebra rapidly changed from being friendly and warm to one deadly serious and almost frightening.
“But now… Sybil.” He said slowly, dragging the attention of the dragoness. Vangelico grabbed a little cookie with the figure of a dragon, very tasty.
“If anyone, and I meant anyone, arrives to know you have this acknowledge with you… well.” He said and he rapidly crushed with his paw the little dragon cookie, only fragments of it left and slowly fell on the ground. “You’ll probably die in a few hours.” The dragoness gulped terrified, but hold a brave composure. The zebra looked deeply in the eyes of the dragoness, he smiled slightly knowing she got the message and would be extremely cautious. The zebra drank the last remains of the tea and looked at the empty glass.
“Now, Sybil I want to know.” The dragoness looked again to his friend. “What do you want to do with this book now that you know what you have in power?” Sybil had to think this for a moment, it was not an easy decision.
“Try to focus in your own safety, Sybil.” The zebra encourager her to make the correct decision. Vangelico didn’t eat, but stared at Sybil intensely. He knew she was smart, brave. But also careless and maybe even brute. But after all, smart. The seconds passed, the zebra didn’t rushed to get an answer but wanted one in a few minutes. Having such thing even in his mansion could drag a lot of attention in just a few hours.
“It’s a bit ironic that I tell you this, but the money isn’t all in life, Sybil.” The zebra mentioned, he knew the dragoness was also thinking in the money she could make. But not for herself, she didn’t wanted to become rich or something like that. She wanted to help her friends, with such amount of money she would probably help a lot of people and at the same time her own village. But…
“But there are more things on the table if you decide to choose the valuable path. I don’t have to mention the things that your buyer could do with the book…” The zebra said, this time it was going to be the last thing he could say. Whatsoever he liked it or not, Sybil had to choose right now, right there. The clock of the room was slowly resonating in the busy head of the dragoness, it slowly disappeared as she focused so much that the noises made by the zebra eating didn’t disturb her. An entire hour passed and the zebra didn’t get bored or nervous for an answer. He knew Sybil was having if not one of her hardest moment in her life and he had to do the best for his friend. At the end, the dragoness made a decision…
The zebra rapidly raised his ears at hearing the answer of his green companion.
“Burnt it, destroy it. That’s my decision.” The dragoness said proudly and decided, her voice filled with a great value of feelings and trust. The zebra smiled joyfully and nodded satisfied.
“Well said! I knew you would make the right choice. I’ll call a contact and make sure the book is destroyed completely. It will be right here, where we can see for ourselves how the secrets are kept forever sealed.” The zebra said, the dragoness nodded happily and sighed tired for a moment. The zebra got up from the sofa and put a conformant paw over the shoulder of Sybil.
“Hey, I know it was tough. Since the moment I saw that book coming from the door of the mansion I knew you had to make a choice. You don’t know how fortunate you have been from coming here, any more second with that book could have meant the worst for you.” Sybil nodded, in deep silence agreeing.

A little question came to her mind in the next hour as they both waited for the contact of the zebra for destroy the book.
“Van, what does the book contain for being so dangerous? I didn’t even understood the language that was described in the book, why you do?” Sybil asked hopefully to receive an answer.
“One question at a time, my friend. I’ll tell you later what the book contain, but I can answer the later one. My family, my bloodline has the possibility to learn a few privileged languages, used only by secret families. We mainly use it for read old and sacred information, as this one.” The zebra said, rapidly someone rang the door and a servant of Vangelico opened the door. An old rhino came from the door and greeted the servant, he slowly made his way to the room.
“There you are, Mask come here and have a look.” The zebra said and let the rhino studied the book for a moment. He gasped rapidly and closed it, almost instantly.
“How in the world you ended with this thing in your hands?” The zebra just raised his paws in innocence jokingly and pointed towards Sybil with his eyes.
“I’ll explain later, you have that thing I told you?” The rhino nodded, a little surprised by the question. He showed some strange particles of blue stone in his hand.
“ ’Blue extinction’, untraceable, doesn’t leave markings or hints of anything that it has burnt.” The rhino said as he explained. The material he had could be fired for cause a small blue fire that could burn almost anything, not leaving anything. It was really rare to find, but yet again Vangelico had the power.
“Alright… do it.” The zebra ordered with the permission of Sybil, she nodded rapidly and the three creatures went to the garden for see the destruction of the secrets. After some seconds of preparations, the rhino lightened with his element his right paw and lightened the book. He rapidly let fall the particles of the special material and the book in a couple of minutes was no more. The rhino and the zebra happily looked at each other and shared a few thankful words. The dragoness sighed in deep relief and accompanied the rhino towards the exit, she still had to talk with Vangelico. In their way there, Sybil calmly tranquilized one of the carnivore plants, her hands patting the head of one of them. Once both friends farewell the rhino and sat again in the room, Sybil asked calmly.
“So… what did the book hide?” Sybil asked and Vangelico prepared himself for an accurate answer.
“Have you ever heard from the mythical weapons: Neptune, Mars and Sol?” The zebra asked, and Sybil nodded, knowing she heard from the legends when she was little.
“Yeah, Neptune the one that supposedly could bring the terror of the abyssal waters to surface. Mars, ‘god of destruction and heat’. Sol, bring hell to earth. Why you ask that?”. The zebra sighed for a moment and continued.
“Well, they weren’t just legends after all…” The dragoness looked shocked at the zebra, who was calmly smiling at seeing the reaction of his companion.
Bufff loved this short. I played a bit with the movements of the characters and it was tons of fun to do!
A part of the trade with the lovely :iconcoillte:
Hope you enjoyed the reading!

Time Taken: Around 3 hours

Sybil and Vangelico belong to =Coillte
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icey1456 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, that was interesting. Catching up with your shorts^^;
killonumbers56 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
So I see xd
La verdad es que si que parecia ser un libro muy poderoso, suerte que lo han destruido. 
killonumbers56 Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Tenia muchas cosas que no tenian que ser reveladas.
Ni yo tengo idea de que contenia xd, solo unas armas miticas y su localizacion en distintos fragmentos. Pero aparte de eso no le di mucha importancia, al igual de como Sybil consiguio el libro. Me concentre mas en el dinamismo de los personajes y el dialogo.
Menos mal que Sybil ha escogido correctamente.
Entonces, una vez destruido, ya no hay de que preocuparse, o puede que todavia esas armas se puedan conseguir de otra forma?
killonumbers56 Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No lo se xd. Supongo que si pero se me puede ocurrir algo.
killonumbers56 Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Exacto xd
Coillte Dec 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Another great story! :la:
Gaaah, I really love where you took this one, those weapons sound interesting :icongrinstareplz:
Thank you for giving me Vangelico, gona draw him soon haha
And thank you for the trade! :hug:
killonumbers56 Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ghaaaaa glad you liked it so much! It was great to write this piece and it amazing to know you liked it :la:
It's nuuuthing! You can change his design or name or whatever you want from him!
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